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Entry #7


2009-09-20 18:00:49 by PwnJobProducktion

Ohai, I just had a chat with Pedobear. He told me that you owe him money. I don't owe him money, because I'm 13...I'm not going to go much further from there, but he still thinks you owe him money, he also wants to know how old you are. He said that he wants you to meet him in the alley with the money, if you are under 16. He also says not to take any mudkipz with you.

Aside from that, I found out that I'm going to donate my heart to everyone...not literally, but everyone has a little piece of it. Especially my cat, Simon. Oh, and Megan Fox.



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2009-10-09 22:03:19

cheating on your "Girl Friend"?

PwnJobProducktion responds:

I would never. I love everyone, but she has most...even more than Megan Fox.