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Oh, I'm not happy with my work.

2009-04-24 15:26:48 by PwnJobProducktion

Oh, it is quite sad, all of my work...I just looked over it all. It is all quite...quite bad. Yes, through the eyes of the artist, he or she should look at their work with astonishment, yet, here I am, looking at my own creations as what a lot of people may have called..."shit." Yes, it is very different from much of the other creations on newgrounds, I mean, violence and gore is "art," up to a certain point, and so is soft, sad, quiet, or relaxing things, my work is much different than others, it seperates itself from that of others, yet no matter how unique, it stays in a bush which I call; "Monkey-fish plaza" the town of lummoxes who submit their work, based either off of their own opinions, or to see if it can pass judgement. Luckily for myself and others, I am not like that, and I refuse to show my crappy work, until I create something that I actually finish, or actually think good of.

I do enjoy newgrounds, a lot, but it can be full of some very hateful people. I am afraid to show much more of my work, for I may blend in with a town of horses, dead, or close to it.

I have a fealing that having the love of my life, move to New York, is helping my mind realize the negative things about anything in life.

Oh, I'm not happy with my work.


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2009-08-10 18:43:09

w6w thats creepy


2009-08-16 21:37:21

It´s not that bad. In case i like it.

PwnJobProducktion responds:

Hey, Wiesi, I love you. :3