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Hello, folks! A few helpful tips?

2008-11-24 19:57:13 by PwnJobProducktion

Hmm, I'm not too big on newgrounds, but, I do have a flash hero on newgrounds, and you may know him as "Egoraptor!" Well, I understand my one flash isn't even comparable to his work, for mine was my first animation ever to be made on that program. Well, anywho, I have gotten a lot of skill using othr programs, smaller ones, like stick pivot, ez toons and even pain/windows movie maker. My movie maker movies would be my best, maybe not best animated, but best humor, drawings, sound, etc. And I need a few questions answered, and I would be more than thankful if you would please help me out with them.

Yeah. First helpful question is, might any of you know how to change a movie maker file into an swf file?

Second, same question, except with stick pivot and ez toons.

Third, how would I put sound into ez toons and pivot?

I would be happy if you would even be kind enough to answer just one, that would be great! Pease comment your answer, thanks! :D


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2009-01-24 09:25:30


lol egoraptor reference

PwnJobProducktion responds:

Yes, he is quite the amazing magician of flash,


2009-04-08 03:31:46

Wow... I didn't even know these programs existed! Well, except for paint and movie maker of course ^^