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Releasing new animations.

2008-07-11 18:19:09 by PwnJobProducktion

Well, good viewers and makers, I am releasing a few of my newer videos and they will probably be a lot better than my old mista man. My best work comes out of my series named, "Ultra Gore" where I spent most of my time on the animation, and I even took my time to make some fun characters, like an evil rat, a G unit black guy, an army guy, and even some other characters from strange parts of my imagination. Well, a few of my animations are called; ARMoured grills, ultra gore l, ultra gore ll, ultra gore lll, ARSEnal down, Dr. Depression, Mappy!, and maybe even MistaMan Fights back. Please be honest in the reviews, sir! My next animation will be ARMourd grills, which is about a stickman who cut off someone's arm, and then the guy comes back with an armoured arm! This movie is incredibly gory, and it is a family masterpeice for the whole family! Heads will roll... and then popped when the body is being devoured by giant cannibalistic suicidal fish with red eyes


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2009-04-08 03:33:14

Sounds... interesting :p