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I am new to the grounds

2008-05-20 21:35:14 by PwnJobProducktion

Well, I am new to Newgrounds, and I would like to tell everyone that I will be as active as can be, by making as many videos as I can, and I will start with my first ever written series, "Kanjoonglies," I will try to make it a growing long series, and work as hard as I can to get on the front page with my videos, and I would like to thank everyone who reads this, now if you would please stay and read my hopeful timeline of what I would like to be posting, "Well, I don't have any videos in making or created yet, but I shall begin in a day or two, What I plan on posting is my series, 'Kanjoonglies' which is a bout a small town of mushrooms with small creatures with no legs, I also plan on creating a few that bring out my imagination, and a few with just plain stupidity."


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2008-05-20 21:37:04

welcome to Newgrounds: a Place that makes Myspace look like a boring English class!

PwnJobProducktion responds:

Thanks, I noticed that this site is a whole lot of fun.


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