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2009-09-20 18:00:49 by PwnJobProducktion

Ohai, I just had a chat with Pedobear. He told me that you owe him money. I don't owe him money, because I'm 13...I'm not going to go much further from there, but he still thinks you owe him money, he also wants to know how old you are. He said that he wants you to meet him in the alley with the money, if you are under 16. He also says not to take any mudkipz with you.

Aside from that, I found out that I'm going to donate my heart to everyone...not literally, but everyone has a little piece of it. Especially my cat, Simon. Oh, and Megan Fox.



2009-08-25 21:19:00 by PwnJobProducktion

I was recently struck with a burst of ideas, which I put into animation...not on flash...unfortunately. Though, I feel I should share them, anyway, if someone may be able to tell me how to convert my eztoon files to .swf!

Btw, I love you. :D I don't care who you are, I just love you, man. ;]

My heart is furry irl.


Oh, it is quite sad, all of my work...I just looked over it all. It is all quite...quite bad. Yes, through the eyes of the artist, he or she should look at their work with astonishment, yet, here I am, looking at my own creations as what a lot of people may have called..."shit." Yes, it is very different from much of the other creations on newgrounds, I mean, violence and gore is "art," up to a certain point, and so is soft, sad, quiet, or relaxing things, my work is much different than others, it seperates itself from that of others, yet no matter how unique, it stays in a bush which I call; "Monkey-fish plaza" the town of lummoxes who submit their work, based either off of their own opinions, or to see if it can pass judgement. Luckily for myself and others, I am not like that, and I refuse to show my crappy work, until I create something that I actually finish, or actually think good of.

I do enjoy newgrounds, a lot, but it can be full of some very hateful people. I am afraid to show much more of my work, for I may blend in with a town of horses, dead, or close to it.

I have a fealing that having the love of my life, move to New York, is helping my mind realize the negative things about anything in life.

Oh, I'm not happy with my work.

Hmm, I'm not too big on newgrounds, but, I do have a flash hero on newgrounds, and you may know him as "Egoraptor!" Well, I understand my one flash isn't even comparable to his work, for mine was my first animation ever to be made on that program. Well, anywho, I have gotten a lot of skill using othr programs, smaller ones, like stick pivot, ez toons and even pain/windows movie maker. My movie maker movies would be my best, maybe not best animated, but best humor, drawings, sound, etc. And I need a few questions answered, and I would be more than thankful if you would please help me out with them.

Yeah. First helpful question is, might any of you know how to change a movie maker file into an swf file?

Second, same question, except with stick pivot and ez toons.

Third, how would I put sound into ez toons and pivot?

I would be happy if you would even be kind enough to answer just one, that would be great! Pease comment your answer, thanks! :D

Well, good viewers and makers, I am releasing a few of my newer videos and they will probably be a lot better than my old mista man. My best work comes out of my series named, "Ultra Gore" where I spent most of my time on the animation, and I even took my time to make some fun characters, like an evil rat, a G unit black guy, an army guy, and even some other characters from strange parts of my imagination. Well, a few of my animations are called; ARMoured grills, ultra gore l, ultra gore ll, ultra gore lll, ARSEnal down, Dr. Depression, Mappy!, and maybe even MistaMan Fights back. Please be honest in the reviews, sir! My next animation will be ARMourd grills, which is about a stickman who cut off someone's arm, and then the guy comes back with an armoured arm! This movie is incredibly gory, and it is a family masterpeice for the whole family! Heads will roll... and then popped when the body is being devoured by giant cannibalistic suicidal fish with red eyes

My first video!

2008-05-22 03:01:31 by PwnJobProducktion


Well, I am new to Newgrounds, and I would like to tell everyone that I will be as active as can be, by making as many videos as I can, and I will start with my first ever written series, "Kanjoonglies," I will try to make it a growing long series, and work as hard as I can to get on the front page with my videos, and I would like to thank everyone who reads this, now if you would please stay and read my hopeful timeline of what I would like to be posting, "Well, I don't have any videos in making or created yet, but I shall begin in a day or two, What I plan on posting is my series, 'Kanjoonglies' which is a bout a small town of mushrooms with small creatures with no legs, I also plan on creating a few that bring out my imagination, and a few with just plain stupidity."